Knuckle Down Dearest

I said goodbye to partying at the weekend with my cousin’s 21st birthday, which also happened to be my 400th solo show. Not bad going, I think. Anyways,the build up to the album release begins in earnest now. You can pre-order from lots of places online,, and so on… My personal preference is for the good folks at Banquet Records. To entice you all, I just posted another new song, “I Knew Prufrock Before He Got Famous”, on my myspace.

On a related note, a few people have started picking up review copies of the album in second hand stores, and though I haven’t heard about it being on any download sites just yet, it probably will be sooner or later. It’s a weird one, basically I’m champing at the bit for people to hear it, so it’s good that it’s out there, but at the same time it’s bad for business. So if you’re one of the lucky few, do me a favour and buy the album properly when it comes out. That way we can all be friends.

I just found out that, thanks to your voting efforts, I won the Rebel PLaylist thing on Steve Lamacq‘s show for BBC 6 Music. Thanks everyone, and thanks to Steve as well.

Finally, for the UK tour, a lot of the shows are on 90% of sold out at the moment, so if you’re hanging off buying a ticket, I’d hang off no longer…

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