Help The Revolution / Me vs Zane

Two things for you. Firstly, as everything hots up for the album launch, we’re looking for some of you guys to help out. Basically the deal is this: if you’re willing to help, you send an email to with your address in it. In the next few days you get a package with a ton of stickers and some rare signed records (as a thankyou). You then spend the time between now and march 31st (or longer if you want) putting stickers EVERYWHERE. You also take photos of the best / weirdest / most anarchist places you’ve managed to get em, and I post the best ones up here. Ta-daa. Get mailing.

Incidentally, two little things about this: firstly, as an artist who is not on a major, I constantly rely more than most on the generosity and dedication of people who are into my music. This kind of grassroots stuff gets me nominated for XFM awards and the like. I am eternally grateful, and it’s wonderful to feel like the underdog, taking on the big-spenders, and every now and again claiming a small victory. Kudos to all of us. Secondly street-teaming is something I’m generally opposed to because it’s cynical and non-devotional, if you see what I mean. I’ve agonized a little over setting this up, but I think it’ll help and I hope that you lot will understand that it’s geniune. Yup.

Also, it’s come to my attention that good old Zane Lowe has been referring to me, on air, as “Old Beardy Balls”. I can only surmise that this is because HE CAN’T GROW HAIR ON HIS BALLS, LIKE A LITTLE GIRL (or something). Let the battle commence!!

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