To The East…

Tomorrow morning me and Ben MD leave for Latvia for a few days. We’re going to keep a tour diary for which will be up shortly after we’re back. From past experience, this is going to be life-threateningly fun. Full report in good time.

To business… Stickerers! Your packs will arrive sometime at the start of next week due to a minor delay. But it’s happening. Other people need not apply any more, please. And here’s one more of many thanks I’ll be dishing out.

Two Thousand Trees Festival seems to be becoming a flagship festival for me. You should clearly go if you can, tickets are on sale now and the rest of the line-up is being described by trained medical professionals as “fresh”.

Last up: My sources tell me that I will not be selling the new album at shows on the forthcoming tour, due to contractual stuff and record distribution and all this kind of stuff. So, if you’re waiting to pick it up at a show… don’t! Get preordering, from all the usual places (see posts below). Have fun.

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