Baltic Ebola

Back from Latvia and sick as a dog. As a man, it is my sworn gendered duty to estimate that my condition is at least fatal to me, and more likely threatens the continuation of the human species as we know it (i.e. I have a cold). Grr. Being ill is tiresome. The good news is that Latvia was officially awesome, and the tour diary should be up very soon. Watch this space.

In the meantime, while you’re all waiting for me to find a cure by draining lymph out of monkeys (or whatever), you can have fun with this – me doing some acoustic covers in the Joshua Tree desert, where, I should mention, it was pissing freezing. There’s also a bunch of instores being added to my schedule, so check those out, including one in Bristol on March 29th at midday where the album will be onsale early.

Last but not least, Jay (Beans On Toast) was in a van crash recently. He’s fine, but the van, which belonged to Captain Black, wasn’t, so on March 24th there’s an all day show at Nambucca to raise money for a new van. The London show of the tour is sold out now, so come on down and help out.

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