Hello again from Los Angeles. It’s disgustingly hot out here, and I’m in the middle of a music industry conference, but the stifling atmosphere is being relieved by much sleep and an almost endless supply of free cocktails. So no complaints then. Today’s update contains not just one but TWO videos. I know, you can hardly contain yourselves.


The first is a little tour diary from the recently completed UK tour. There’s not much more to add, other than to repeat that it was shot using my digital camera, hence it being a bit budget. It is, however, totally rock and roll.

For something shot on a slightly better camera, there’s this little mini-documentary thing that was made at Bath Moles Club. Enjoy:


Next up, the utterly awesome people in my live band are, of course, usually better known as Dive Dive. They continue to rule, and they just posted a bunch of new acoustic songs on a separate myspace page, which you can find here.

And finally, my friend Dan Parsons recently asked me to guest on a song for his electronica project, Amongst The Pigeons. The track is up on his myspace, and it’s called ‘Larkin About’ (the lyrics are a Philip Larkin poem). He’s also up for a vote on BBC6, and if you have the time, go vote. Thanks everyone.

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