Rant #2 / I Love The Holloways

I find myself in Norwich as I type this, city of dreams. Actually, the weather is totally fab at the moment, I seem to have brought the sun back from California, and life is generally sweet. The Holloways tour is in full swing, and it’s a real pleasure to be on the road again with my old friends, and to be making new ones.

One incident that has moved me to another blog rant occurred last night after the show in Reading. I had an altercation with someone who attempted to nick my hat off my head while I was outside the show chatting to some people at the end. To be honest it really, really pissed me off. The principle behind it, which I feel needs restating here (hence the rant), is this: I am a normal fucking person, and the rules of social engagement do not change simply because I stand on a stage every now and again. If he had attempted to steal something from a stranger in a bar, he could reasonably expect to get his head kicked in. There was no head-kicking last night, which is for the best, but it depresses me when people think they can treat me like a mug with impunity.

End rant #2.

In other news, there’s some live recordings from the tour up here, and the next part of the Latvia diary is on the way, as are loads more festival dates and the October tour. Phew.

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