Superupdate / I love everyone in Plymouth

Hello all. I’ve been saving up my news pennies for a big update, and then a whole truckload of stuff happens all at once and now I’m probably going to have to break this into two updates. I mean, really, what’s a working boy to do? We’ll start with some news about shows:

  • Uxbridge – Sorry everyone in Uxbridge, events on Sunday conspired to make it hugely impossible for me to make the show. I got stranded in Cornwall, I bust my hand, my band had family members in hospital, it was never meant to be. My bad.
  • Plymouth – The show on 4th June at the White Rabbit is now 100% DEFINITELY HAPPENING. Ignore everything else that’s been said, including by me. It’s on, on, on. A solo show. I have bought a train ticket and everything.
  • London (1) – Right, to start with, my gig for the London Calling festival is going to be at Club Sin in Soho on 19th June. I’m playing a special duo set with Mr Chris T-T, not to be missed. Tickets? Tickets.
  • London (2) – I’m going to be very busy on 20th June. I’ll be playing a secret warmup show for Glastonbury in London, more details on that soon, and then rushing over to Nambucca for a special DJ set.
  • London (3) – Oh you’re lucky in the capital. I’ll be playing a free instore at the new and improved Pure Groove Record Shop on 9th July at 6.30pm. See you there?
  • Belfast – I’ll be playing the Trans Festival in Belfast on 24th July. This is a good thing. I’ll be talking on some kind of panel. This is mildly confusing.
  • Perfect Day Festival – has been cancelled. So no show for me there then.
  • Oxford – I’ll be playing a solo benefit show at the Academy on 8th August to raise money for Cancer charities. The show is with the Candyskins and Dodgy. I have officially made it.

Phew. Also worth mentioning in this update: Latvia diary part 3 has finally popped up online, and part 4 should finish it off nicely very soon. Check it.

To look forward to in the next update: a new video and details for the ‘Reasons Not To Be An Idiot‘ single, and details about exclusive festival T-shirts. Check back soon.

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