Gratuit ou Interdit

Hello from Toulouse. I am back on the second leg of this European jaunt, at the home of our driver, the indescribably Romain Boule, a Frenchman who has divided the world into two camps: Gratuit and Interdit. He’s awesome. Anyways. Glastonbury weekend was great, although tiring, being, as it was for me, a round trip from Belgium to Glasto to Weymouth to Valences. But much fun was had and new friends were made, so no complaints there.

A video snippet for you. A session I did for NVTV in Belfast is now viewable through the magic of the interweb here. It features a song called ‘Hold Your Tongue’, which didn’t make the new album but which I like muchly. Enjoy.

Next up, a quick flag about the Pure Groove instore coming up on Wednesday 9th July @ 6pm. Apart from Lexapalooza (which is sold out) it’s my last London show before the tour in October. It’s also with full band, and it’s free. So, no reasons not to come along then. More information here.

And finally, I have a new favourite band, and I think they should be your new favourite too. Check out the Dawn Chorus. TTFN.

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