ZOO8 vs T-Shirts

Hi all. Quick update at the end of the European jaunt. Firstly, thanks to Jedethan and to Romain Boule, and all the promoters and so on for a great tour. I’ll be back soon enough, I’m sure. C’est gratuit.

Secondly, I won’t be playing ZOO8 festival tomorrow. Sorry for anyone expecting to see me down there. Basically the deal is this: I’m a working musician, I earn little money and my budgets are shoestring. I can’t afford to take risks with running a whole paid-up band and crew and fuel down to Kent for a risk of not getting paid. No blame for anyone, I just can’t afford those risks. Apologies.

Finally, with regard to the Pure Groove instore on Wednesday 9th July, we’ve done up an extremely limited run of 50 shirts, unique design, for this show, and this show only. It’s also free in, so, no excuses. See you there.

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