Storming the Bastille

Hello from Austin TX. I have a hangover and a handlebar moustache, which is a winning combination if ever there was one. The US shows are fun. But I’m here to discuss the UK…

As you may already know, Long Live The Queen is coming out as a download single on October 20th, the day before the start of the UK tour. It’s going to have a few unreleased B-sides packaged with it as well. A lovely package, I’m sure you’ll agree. Now you may also know that proceeds from the single are going to Breast Cancer Campaign. You might also be aware of the fact that recently I’ve been getting support from people like Jo Whiley and Sara Cox at Radio 1, and MTV2.

All of this together leads us here at FTHQ to an idea. We’re basically in the middle of sneaking into the mainstream music world, which is hilarious, and most of it is thanks to you guys doing what you do best: getting organized and pestering people. So it occurred to us that it would be genius to break the Top 40 with this single.

I know that a download-only single of a song on the album already isn’t necessarily something everyone’s going to rush out and get. But at 79p, it’s not a massive ask. If we can get over 4000 people to download the song in the week of release, then we’ll have done it. And the best part is, we’ll be raising some serious cash for charity in the process. We’re going to sort out a pre-order thing for y’all as well. The important thing is that the downloads are all in that week.

So, are you with me?

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