Reflections on the Non-Revolution in America..

..Or something. Three blog posts in three days? I ask you. I’ll be saying something meaningful next. Anyways, there are real live reasons for me posting again, which I’ll get to, but it strikes me that some musings might be fun in the meantime..

It’s an interesting time to be traveling through America, and more interesting still to have traveled through California and the liberal coasts via the conservative heartlands. My first observation would be that people talk about the forthcoming election a lot less here than they do in the UK, which is worrying. Obviously, given that my social milieu out here is punk rock, I tend to be in the company of Obama supporters more often than McCain-ites. The case against McCain and Palin is pretty obvious – Palin in particular, representing a total failure of feminism as a concept, as she does. However, devil’s advocate ever, can we all just fucking chill out about Barack for a minute please? Repeat after me: The man is a POLITICIAN. He’s been one for some time. He is not the fucking second coming, and he is not going to save America. He is probably the lesser of two evils. Hooray. But the near-messianic fervour surrounding the man out here is positively creepy. He’s applying for a job, dammit, stop kissing his arse. More than anything it reminds me of people’s regard for Tony Blair in 1996. But much, much more so. Look how that one turned out. I predict mass disillusion on the American left within two years.

Right, to business.

  • Apparently I got the US release date confused, at least as far as iTunes goes. It is coming, never fear. And for all the people asking, the US-only bonus tracks are Thatcher Fucked The Kids and a live version of The Real Damage.
  • Does anyone have any decent footage of my performance at Reading festival 2008? If so, please get in touch.
  • I did a video with Chris T-T.


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