No Liverpool

Ah for fuck’s sake. I hate being ill, it totally, utterly sucks. Alas tonight’s show in Liverpool isn’t happening, I’ve been putting off the decision in the hope I’d get better but it’s not to be. Again, a replacement show will get sorted as soon as humanly possible. In the meantime I can but apologise again for the failings of my flesh.

This in itself means it’s the end of the mainland UK tour. I want to take the time to say thanks again to Ben, Nigel, Tarrant and Matt (the band), to Graham, Barbs and Sarah (the crew), to Emily Barker and Chris T-T / The Hoodrats (the talent), and to everyone who came out for the shows. This tour was a real step up for me personally, it’s really starting to feel like something’s starting here. Amazing. Thanks.

Back to the big white porcelain telephone to God…

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