Rescheduling For Fun And Profit

Right, for those of you who were aching to know, the official word is that I have caught me a bout of Gastro-Enteritis. From the layman’s point of view, it’s still no fun, and I’m sorry to say that all the Irish shows are now off. Balls.

However, the good news is that being bed / bathroom -ridden does not stop me using my computer or the phone, so we’re already knee-deep in rescheduling the shows in Ireland, Liverpool and Nottingham (and hopefully Cardiff and Newcastle as well) for late January 2009. As soon as anything concrete is agreed, dates will be posted.

I also had a very encouraging conversation about the recording of album 3 today, which was nice. Thanks everyone for being really cool about me being ill, it’s heart-warming. See y’all with the Levellers (how excited am I??).

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