Adventures On The Continent

I write from backstage at a Levellers show at the Paradiso in Amsterdam, and the depths of tiredness. The first two days of me and Chris T-T’s European adventure have been eventful, to say the least. We arrived in Paris yesterday to find that a principle part of our plan, the car we were hiring for the whole fucking trip, was a problem (due to Chris having no credit card and me having no driver’s license). Fuck. We played a great fun show at La Fleche D’Or and spent a lot of time thinking of alternatives – stealing a car, crying home, taking the train and so on. In the end we sorted it out this morning (thanks, as ever, to Chamoule, the man with the plan) and got a car and set out for the Netherlands. Traffic problems left us super-late and we arrived just in time to play an early set here. Then we remembered we don’t have anywhere to stay here, and managed to book a last minute hotel. Now to eat something…

I shot a new video for “Reasons…” the other day with Jamie Lenman from Reuben. It’s going to be amazing. Details on that when I have them. I’ve also posted up some dates in Eastern Europe with Anti-Flag for March next year, and there’s a lot more live action to come. I need to get some sleep for now though.

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