Start The Madness / Oh Vienna

We made it to Vienna. The last few days have alternated between loads of fun and utter stress. E.g: Switzerland is the best place in the world, we made a snowman in St Gallen and had a snowball fight (in which I managed to injure my elbow, duh). Unfortunately, it took us AN HOUR AND A HALF to find the fucking Avis rental place in Geneva Airport. Fucking hell. Then last night was drinking, 3 hours sleep in a youth hostel full of eurodrunks, followed by 12 hours on the train today. Chris’s blog will have more gory details, I’m sure. Anyway, we’re here, and it’s great to be alive.

In other news, my already totally fucking insane diary for next year just got, um, insaner. For a start, the blatantly obvious is out of the bag: I am also going to play the UK Gaslight Anthem shows, solo (apart from London, which is an NME awards show), playing new stuff and rocking face. I’m yet more chuffed to be involved.

Replacement shows for my October stomach illness are starting to come through as well for January – Cambridge, Liverpool and so on. I’m also coming back to Holland (again) in January for the Eurosonic Festival.

Details on all of this can be found on my myspace.

And finally, I’ll be playing at the Dolly Rockers Xmas Party on Saturday (29th) in London. This is better news, seeing as the Proud Galleries show is now sold out.

Christ, I need more sleep.

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