My feet are brushing the ground in London town, before I head out in a few days for the UK Levellers shows (about which I am, as many know, piss-excited; when I was growing up, my mum used to drive me and my older sister past the Newbury Bypass protests pretty regularly, and despite her best efforts we became fixated with the record on the sound-systems all day, namely “Levelling The Land”). Europe was excellent fun, very tiring and eye-opening; as ever, Chris is a more dilligent blogger and recordist than I, and his blog is where to go for the gory details.

In other news, The First Three Years is out today! I’m at the Xtra Mile office and we’ve mailed out hundreds already. They look ace. But if you haven’t got yours yet, you should be heading over to the Xtra Mile website to make a purchase. Mhm.

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