Nottingham / The Levellers

I’m pleased to report that a few days of going to bed before 9pm leaves me much rested. I’ve also been getting up late, and spending my few remaining waking hours arguing with HMRC about VAT. If you consider that the VAT system essentially forces businesses to work, unpaid, as tax collectors for the state, the least they could do is make the system vaguely functional, or at least comprehensible. As it is, I feel like their “help” page is almost actionable under Advertising Standards legislation.

How deeply un-rock’n’roll of me – complaining about tax admin on my blog. Actually I’ve been snorting crack off hookers all day, honest. Seriously though, being self-employed can be a fucking pain in the arse sometimes – although at the end of the day, I am my own boss and am (nearly) fearless in the face of Kafka-esque obfuscation. PAYE is for pussies.

Right, what was I talking about? Uhm. Ah yes. Nottingham. As we all know, Halloween saw me retching into a bucket backstage at the Rescue Rooms rather than finishing the show, something that goes against my principles, but couldn’t biologically be helped. Anyways, we’ve been looking into a replacement show, initially in January. A problem, however, has arisen, in the dirty backstreet politics (JOKE) of the industry. The wonderful guys in The Gaslight Anthem are taking me on tour, and we’re sharing a stage together at Rock City on 3rd March. Their people requested that I don’t do another show in Notts before that show. So things have been put back. This has then been added to by the fact that, as far as Rescue Rooms are concerned, the fact that we did 11 out of 14 songs at the October show means no refunds.

SO. What to do. On the one hand, basically, anyone holding onto tickets should probably consign them to their shoebox archives (or ebay or whatever). They won’t be valid for the Gaslight show I’m afraid. This leaves me feeling a little uncomfortable about promises unfulfilled, so the solution seems to be this: I’m going to look at scheduling a Notts-only show in early April (ish) which will probably be free entry, or something like that. Hopefully that will make sure everyone is happy. Crappy situation.

(Although I might point out in my defence that a few days before my abortive show in Notts, another famous indie band who shall remain nameless cut off a show after 4 songs in the big room at Rock City on the grounds they were… too pissed to bother finishing. No apologies or re-schedules. Wankers)

The other thing worth mentioning here and now is about The Levellers shows which start tomorrow. I’m going to be on early, so if you’re coming to see yours truly, get down there for the start. See you there.

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