2008 in Review

I was looking back just now through old blog posts, reading what I was saying in Decembers past, and it’s gone and got me all pensive. The year is done for me now, no more shows till January. Tomorrow I get on a plane for Colorado for Christmas. So, I guess now is the appropriate time to consider the last 12 months.

What a year. Many, many things have changed, and mostly for the better. Looking back through the list of gigs this year (nearly 200), I can get a better overview, but it still seems like a lifetime ago that I was playing at the XFM awards, or living in Los Angeles for the month, or returning to Latvia with Ben, or releasing the second album… The April tour was when things really started to feel exciting, then the Holloways tour, countless festivals (my first Glasto and Cambridge Folk), a short French tour. By time you get to the Revival tour in the USA, the October tour here, Europe with Chris and The Levellers, not to mention radio and so on, things have changed almost beyond recognition from where they were in December 2007. I’m feeling kinda worn out right now, to tell the truth, but it’s all in the service of something worthwhile. I’m really lucky to be doing what I’m doing right now, and I’m grateful to everyone who has helped me on my way.

And so to next year. Who knows what I’ll be writing in December 2009. Maybe this is the top of the mountain. Maybe things are going to get crazier still. It’ll be interesting to see. The next album is really coming together in my head. And the road beckons as ever. See you all at a show sometime soon. Thanks.

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