Instore Overdrive Frenzy

Hello you. To celebrate the fact that Love Ire & Song is being re-released on 26th January (Monday) I’m embarking on an instore spree around the country. Thusly:

  • Monday 26th January @ Rise Records, Cheltenham, 5pm, FREE
  • Tuesday 27th January @ Fopp Records, Covent Garden, London, 6pm, FREE
  • Wednesday 28th January @ Banquet Records, Kingston, 6pm, FREE
  • Thursday 29th January @ Banquet Records, Kingston, 6pm, FREE

All solo, all with the new album onsale, all free. Probably a good idea to get down early as well.

Gigs at the weekend were spectacular. Thanks everyone. I’ve been working on the October tour (dates and supports) today. I think it’s going to be really exciting. Well, I’m excited.

Obama is president. The election of a non-white man to the most powerful post in the world is certainly momentous, exciting, awesome and worthwhile. But that’s happened now. Now we need to see what he’s going to do. Internationally, I’m very hopeful about his foreign policy. Domestically, um, well, watch the US economy cannibalize itself, if he carries out what he says he’s going to. Harsh times.

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