A Vast International Conspiracy

When you wake up on the floor of a Swedish University Hall to a batch of emails about shows in New Mexico and questions about Russia, you start feeling invincibly international. At times that’s a good thing, hell, I’d be an arse to complain about my lot in life right now, but at times it can be a little, um, daunting. Anyways, this all gives me occasion to talk about American shows!

As many people already know, I’ll be at SXSW in Austin this March (I have this nightmare day where I have to fly from Riga in Latvia to Texas, through about 4 different flights; the mind boggles). I’ll actually be playing half-solo and half-full band, though I’m only meeting the musicians I’m playing with a massive 5 hours before our first show..! Then I’ll be off on tour with the good people of Look Mexico and Steve Soto & The Twisted Hearts (members of whom will kindly provide my backing). The dates at the moment look like this:

  • 19th March @ NME Showcase, Latitude 30, Austin, TX, USA, 8pm
  • 20th March @ Jail Guitar Doors Showcase, Friend’ Bar, Austin, TX, USA
  • 22nd March @ Rock Bottom Tattoo Bar, San Antonio, TX, USA
  • 25th March @ Hensley’s Flying Elephant, San Diego, CA, USA
  • 26th March @ The Viper Room, Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • 27th March @ The Blank Club, San Jose, CA, USA
  • 28th March @ Thee Parkside, San Francisco, CA, USA

There’s more shows TBC, of course, in New Mexico, Arizona, and then Oregon, Idaho and Colorado. Also, for people on the East Coast / South, I’m back over in May for some more shows in your areas, so hang tight. Essentially, though, it’s awesome to have some more great US shows in the diary, and with some great bands too.

Berlin was great, the drive / ferry to Sweden was long and crushingly early but beautiful. Malmo was cool, and today we drive to Gothenburg. I’m still breaking new ground every day, which is too awesome for words.

A quick one to finish off today… Jenny Hardcore, a photographer friend of mine, has a post here about the photo in the sleeve to Love Ire & Song (one of my favourites). Enjoy.

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