From Munich with Love

Another update from the travails of Frank, Polar Bears and Gaslights around Europe. We’re in Munich today (as the strapline would suggest). My love affair with Germany continues apace – after tonight I will essentially be out of merchandise, having started the tour thinking i had enough to take me all the way through to Ireland. Obviously this isn’t a bad problem to be having in life, but I suspect that the people of Austria and Italy may be a little short of options.

Last night we played in Wiesbaden, which is near Frankfurt in the West of Germany, in a venue called the Schlachthof. That means “slaughterhouse” in German, and apparently the venue used to be one. The actual gig room is in a side part of the building, which is a cavernous warehouse. It was all a bit weird. We ended up staying there (they have a band crash space, like many European venues, and damn the UK / USA need to catch up with that idea). Mass whisky drinking unfolded, and we passed a merry evening running round the main room tripping out to the sight of a torch beam flashing from the huge mirrorball. A fun way to pass an evening.

Tonight Munich, and I’m continuing with my tour theme of not seeing much of the places I’m in. It’ll be a shame to leave Germany tomorrow, but Austria is great from past experience, so it’s not too bad.

Some links? How about a link to a live set in Amsterdam (supporting the Levellers) from last November? Also, Ben from Million Dead is selling his kit, used to record the last album and much more besides. Have a look.

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