Oxford In April

Hello folks. A special announcement here. I’m about to start working on my masterpiece (known to the world as “album 3”), as soon as I get back off this leg of touring. In a break with previous form, this record is very much going to be a band album, rehearsed with the boys (Ben, Nigel, Tarrant and Matt) and played live. As part of the process, we’ve decided to play a couple of special small shows in Oxford in late April (28th & 29th), at the Wheatsheaf. These shows will be teeny, intimate, and feature pretty much exclusively new material (with maybe a few golden oldies at the end…). The shows will go onsale at 10am tomorrow morning, from the link below. I’m really excited about the prospect, and hopefully it’ll give the people who make it a taster of things to come.


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