Motherblog Part I

Today I’m going to do something so radical it makes my teeth hurt: I’m going to post two blogs in one day. This is because there really is loads of crap to get through, so splitting it up makes me cry less.

I’m in the UK again, which is great, though I’m only here for a couple of days before I continue my galavanting. Plug sockets and small change are currently confusing me. The tour with Gaslight is nearly done, which is a small sadness, as these things always are; the tour has been immeasurably awesome, and I’ll miss them and PBC like I’ve been missing Salt & Vinegar crisps in Europe.

The Oxford album shows are all sold out now, which is gratifying in the extreme. More show news later today, in part 2 of this amazing blogfest. Speaking of blogs, you should (if you need time to kill) head over to Tracker’s blog. Tracker is the tour manager for Polar Bear Club, and a funny mofo to boot. Gory details of our European adventures can be found here. In yet more blog-related madness, I’m of the opinion that this is very important. NO2ID are coming with me for the October tour (TBA later yada yada). And finally, lightening the mood again, here‘s a cool piece about the good people of Banquet Records.

That was quite the link-fest. I sit here on a stranger’s floor in Norwich convinced there was something else I was going to say, but then I remember it’s OK because I’ll be posting again later on. Three cheers for the internet.

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