Moral Collapse

Argh, I went and did it, I got me a Twitter account. In fact, my original motivation (or so I tell myself) was to make sure no one bagged my name on there and started sending out fake shit, but I then discovered that someone already has – though he seems to legitimately share my name. Anyways, since I’d crossed the Rubicon already, I went and signed up. Voila. Sorry.

In other news, we just restocked the online shop. I’ve not been particularly snappy at advertising its existence, so, here we go, my online shop. You can order stuff worldwide, and we should have most sizes in stock. Happy shopping.

Finally, as inspired by the good people of Polar Bear Club, I want to set up a gallery on my myspace for FT tattoos. If you have one, or know someone who does, send me a photo and I’ll upload it there (if you’re OK with that, obviously).

Today, I am all about the internet.

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