Please, PLEASE Don’t Kill Me

Heavy lies the head that wears the crown, innit. The last few days have seen me quietly agonizing over some really painful decisions. Well, I say painful; in the end, having to chose between two great options isn’t exactly excruciating, but… well, you’ll see what I mean. In a frankly overwhelmingly awesome development, I have been asked to open for The Offspring on their summer run of arena shows in the USA. “Smash” was one of the first punk records I ever bought, and I’m blown away to even be considered for the shows. From a “career” point of view, it’s also great – playing to many thousands of people a night across the States is an opportunity not to be sniffed at.

Now, the bad news. The dates clash with some pre-existing commitments, in the way of UK festivals. Principally, both T In The Park and 2000 Trees Festival fall under the shadow of this tour. Thus I have a dilemma, and have been agonizing.

In the end, I’ve decided to go with the Offspring shows – it’s simply too good an opportunity to pass up. However, I’m painfully aware of how this is going to piss people off. I was super-excited to be playing T this year, and 2000 Trees is, as many know, a festival very close to my heart. I haven’t missed a year yet, and it’s going to suck not being there. So, to start off with, I’ll openly apologize to anyone planning on seeing me at either festival.

Apologies, empty words, only get me so far. So, we’ve set about trying to make amends in the way of shows. Firstly, I’ll be playing a show later in the summer in Scotland. Secondly, I’ll be playing a show at Cheltenham Town Hall on the 23rd July, let’s call it “2000 Trees The Aftermath”. This show will be £5 in (the cheapest we could make it), and will feature a full band set, as well as Mr Jim Lockey in support. It’s being co-promoted by the 2000 Trees team and tickets will be exclusively available through the 2000 Trees website from Tuesday 14th April. I know these shows won’t be possible for everyone at the festival to make, and for that I can only say sorry. I hope people understand the position I’m in, and my reasons for making this choice.

The Offspring dates can be found on the gigs page. Thanks everyone.

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