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Wowzers, I’m getting into the swing of this blog thing, it’s almost worth checking back daily or something, haha. I write from Oxford, week 2 of rehearsals for the album kicked off today and we’re back at the grindstone. It’s a hugely self-confirming atmosphere – we all start feeling like real, pro musicians when we take a 20 minute break for Nigel and Matt to discuss the cadences of a keyboard run, or when we piece together a four-part harmony, or argue over blue notes in a bassline. It’s also exhausting concentrating on everything all the time for 8 hours a day, and I’m glad that we decided to do 3-4 days a week rather than go at it constantly. Breathing space is a good idea. Anyway, as of today, we have Pass It Along and Poetry Of The Deed added to the “done” pile. Should have everything down by the end of this week, and then we can start drilling them until we’re tight as a gnat’s arse.

I have just been confirmed for the lineup on Y-Not Festival. It’s a great festival to be part of whatever the case (this is my 3rd year there), but I requested to play especially this year because it’s also a sister festival for 2000 Trees. Hopefully some people who have bought the joint tickets will catch a set after all. It’ll be solo as the band are on holiday (not together..) but it’ll be a blast nonetheless.

Propagandhi on Sunday, oh yes…

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