Steady Hands Forget To Remember

Propagandhi was boss. So good to be reminded why I fell in love with punk rock, and how great it can be when it’s done well, or, in this case, to perfection. I was down in the moshpit with Ben (Million Dead) dancing like it was 1998. I feel stiff and sore like an old man today, but hey, that’s suffering for your art (what?).

Tickets for the Cheltenham Town Hall show on 23rd July will go live onsale from this link tomorrow morning. They’ve been onsale through the 2000 Trees website for a week and a quarter of them have gone, so get shopping! I’m also going to be doing my smallest UK show this year the next day at the Queen’s Hotel in Weymouth. Tickets for that are available from here.

In other news, I’m exhausted. The new songs are squatting in my mind like a particularly tenacious bunch of hippies, keeping me awake at all hours with suggestions, quibbles, alterations, and whether or not THAT stop should be there or not. Gah! All feeling good though, we’ve essentially finished learning the songs now and are moving into military drill territory, where we just play them over and over until we can’t play em no more. My band fucking love me.

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