Good News

Life takes some strange twists and turns. I feel like the sun is shining on me right now. As some people have already heard, last night I was able to put the finishing signature on a new record deal. Epitaph Records will be releasing both Love Ire & Song and any future releases in the world outside the UK.

Anyone with even a passing knowledge of punk rock will have some inkling of how fucking awesome this is. For many years (and this is pre-myspace) the Epitaph logo was a badge of quality that meant I would buy the record, regardless of what it was. In so doing I got into almost all my favourite punk bands. They’re still one of the best labels in the world, and they’re independent to boot. It’s also really important to me that they’ve accommodated me staying with Xtra Mile in the UK – those guys are my family, and there’s no way I was going to jump ship.

So yeah, this is a new beginning for me, internationally speaking. I’m in a good mood. Thanks are due to Charlie, Tony, Carolina and everyone at Epitaph, and all the people who’ve been supporting me and what I do for the past few years. Big love. I feel like Gwyneth Paltrow at the Oscars all of a sudden. I’ll shut up.

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