End Of Phase One

I’ll keep this one brief, because it’s 3 am. We’ve finished phase one of the recording process. The days here started long and got longer as we realized the scale of what we were trying to achieve in such a short space of time. The last few days have been burn-out territory, but we just nailed the last guitar part and now we’re off to get some kip. Tomorrow I fly to NYC with Alex. For those asking, the reason we’re doing this in two studios is that, surprisingly, this is the cheapest way to do it; now that the band stuff is all down on tape, Alex and I are retiring to his studio in Brooklyn to finish off my vocals and guitar parts. I’m hoping we’re going to get some sleep on the plane. I feel good though, everything is as it should be. My aim has always been to make the best record I can at any given time, and on top of that to try and beat my previous efforts. I’m pretty damn sure I’m succeeding on both counts right now. Good night.

PS I beat Tarrant at table football, just once. Ha!

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