Brooklyn Bound

So, I made it to New York. I’ve been here a bunch of times before, but never really had that much time to investigate the place. I won’t this week either – it’s going to be pretty full on recording mode for the next 5 days or so – but next week is mixing week, which will basically involve Alex being a wizz-kid behind the desk and me nodding approvingly at the imperceptible shit he’s doing with the hi-hat (or something). So I’m looking forward to exploring. Speaking of such things, anyone reading this who lives in NYC or the surrounding environs, please email me ( with the subject line “NYC”. We have much to discuss.

Casting an eye back to the old UK, this morning I’ve discovered something slightly flabbergasting. The sales for the October UK tour are doing, um, very well. The Manchester show (October 16th @ The Academy) has less than 150 tickets left. Some of the others are close too. So I guess what I’m saying is, if you’re planning on coming down, I’d recommend buying a ticket sooner rather than later.

That was a fun paragraph to write, for sure. Ha! In other news, I’m listening pretty much exclusively to Crazy Arm right now. Check them out.

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