The World Turned Upside Down

Two developments to share with y’all, both of which are awesome and mental in equal measure. First of all, I can finally announce that I shall indeed be playing at this year’s Reading & Leeds Festivals. I’m on the Radio One / NME Stage, Saturday in Leeds and Sunday in Reading. I’m super happy about this fact, it’s my favourite festival and the shows there the last two years have been nothing short of amazing, so I have high hopes for this year too.

Secondly, the Manchester Academy show in October (16th) is now totally sold out. That slightly blows my mind – we haven’t even finished the new album yet, let alone started promoting it properly. This is the most tickets I’ve ever sold in Manchester, haha… I remember getting 60 people in for the Night & Day show a few years back and feeling like we’d done well. How times change. A bunch of the other shows on the tour are also, insanely, not far off.

The new album is sounding killer, incidentally. About half mixed now.

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