New Shows, New Schedules

There’s two cool new shows confirmed and posted up for the summer. The first will be in Kingston on August 27th, as part of the New Slang night at McClusky’s. Tickets can be found here. The best part is that my good friends from Florida Fake Problems will be supporting. Cool.

The second show is part of the Edge Festival in Edinburgh. On August 28th I’ll be playing at Cabaret Voltaire. Tickets for that show can be found here. This is in part a make-up for me not being able to play at T In The Park this year.

Typing this out, I’ve noticed all over again that Kingston and Edinburgh are fucking miles away from each other, and that puts me in mind of a whimsical observation I’ve made of late (hey, this is a blog, after all). I’m in that weird post-recording, pre-release limbo that musicians habitually inhabit once every couple of years. That generally means that we’re making plans like they’re going out of fashion, but not necessarily doing masses at this exact moment in time. It’s slightly disorientating, looking through schedules with reams of dates, acres of promo work to do and so on, in a number of different continents and over several arduous months-to-be, whilst sat in the office or at home. One of the things about signing up with Epitaph is that my schedule is going to get one whole lot heavier in the next few years, as I attempt to spread the love throughout America and Europe in the same way that I do in the UK. Press days in Cologne? Whatever next. I veer between being piss-excited and pant-wettingly daunted by it all. Never fear, dear readers, I’ll have me some fun on the way.

Which brings me neatly to the fact that it’s really not so long now until I hit the USA (again) to tour with The Offspring. I’ll be traveling by car with my good buddy John Berna, and we’ll be keeping a tour diary, possibly even with video bits in it too. Oh the technology of it all, I’m starting to sound like Herbert Morrison. I’ll shut up then.

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