Everything Happening All At Once

Well, it has been, to say the least, a manic day or two since I posted the previous blog entry about the video plans. After much manic typing, confusing myself about what time of day I was talking about, remembering the need to eat, trying to remember where Bromley is, making a killer spreadsheet, and desperately trying not to think too hard about the reality of what we’re going to do, I think the plan is in place. 24 stops in 24 hours. Totally, utterly insane. But potentially awesome. In the meantime we’ve had myspace.com advertising it on the frontpage, NME.com thinking I’m in Gallows, and a flood of journos offering to come with.

The party slots are all now filled, but the open shows that you should aim for if you can are the breakfast show in Kingston (Banquet Records, 8am Friday) and then finale in Camden (The Flowerpot, 8pm Friday). Both shows are free. I’m also going to be using twitter to update the world on my progress (because I’m all about this internet lark). Good times.

More stuff! Shopping! First of all, the wonderful Xtra Mile Webstore, as well as stocking all my stuff and running pre-orders for the Million Dead Re-Release, now has a limited 50 signed copies of the split I did with Austin Lucas on sale. Check it out. Also, there’s a new T-shirt design for sale either at shows over the summer or on my online shop. I think it’s quite fetching, personally.

Germany at the weekend was a lot of fun – I was totally blown away by the number of people who came over to the tent to watch my set at both Hurricane and Southside. Roll on December – European dates to be confirmed and announced very soon. I’m also happy to announce that the wonderful Gunner Records will be releasing The First Three Years on CD and Vinyl in Germany / Austria / Switzerland on August 14th. Check it out. It’s really great to be finally getting my teeth into Europe properly. Huzzah.

Right, I feel like my brain is full. Time for a break.

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