The Old World

Breaking the Offspring narrative here for a moment (fun though that is – another update to follow shortly), I’m making myself feel slightly dizzy at the moment by thinking about upcoming bits and bobs on the other side of the Atlantic. First of all, all the dates are now confirmed and announced for my European November Tour. This is going to be my first full European tour with a band, and I’m hella excited. The dates:

  • 28th November @ The Melkweg, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 30th November @ AB Club, Brussels, Belgium
  • 1st December @ Bei Chez Heinz, Hannover, Germany
  • 2nd December @ Luxor, Koln, Germany
  • 4th December @ Parken, Gothenburg, Sweden
  • 5th December @ Gota Kallare, Stockholm, Sweden
  • 7th December @ Tavastia, Helsinki, Finland
  • 9th December @ Loppen, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • 10th December @ Molotow, Hamburg, Germany
  • 11th December @ Magnet, Berlin, Germany
  • 12th December @ 59 to 1, Munich, Germany
  • 13th December @ Arena, Vienna, Austria
  • 14th December @ PPC, Graz, Austria
  • 16th December @ Hafenkneipe, Zurich, Switzerland
  • 17th December @ Bleu Lezard, Geneva, Switzerland

Tickets are onsale now. Yeah!

Also, as the storm clouds that are the new album continue to gather, I’m pleased to say I have some UK radio-related news. We’ve been told that the good Mr Zane Lowe will be broadcasting an exclusive first play of the new single, “The Road“, on Monday July 13th on his BBC Radio 1 evening show (7-9pm). Please do listen in, and (if you like it, which I sincerely hope you do), let the good people at the BBC know all about it through the medium of text messaging / email. In the same week, the good Mr Mike Davies will also be playing some new stuff on his show too. Ears to the, er, radio, people!

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