Mega Update Part II

At the risk of devaluing my own hype-ometer, after yesterday’s post about how everything was pretty mental, I crept wearily into bed and slept soundly, only to be woken up by a text message from Ben (Million Dead). The text said “CNN? Christ, which crossroads did you sell your soul at, and where is it?” I replied with a bleary-eyed “What?” This was the start of a conversation that ended with me discovering that I had something of a feature on CNN last night. You can see it here. I’m slightly flabbergasted by it, to be honest. But hell, there’s me on CNN. Nice!

Anyways, back to the mega-update. Today we’re talking about releases. First of all, to reiterate for those who keep asking, Poetry Of The Deed will be out on 7th September (UK) and 8th September (USA). The single (The Road) will be available for download through iTunes, 7Digital and the like, on 31st August.

That’s all old news though; what’s new, for starters, is that I’m lucky enough to be releasing a split 7″ with Richmond Virginia’s very own Tim Barry. I’m very pleased about this, Tim is a fucking legend, one of my favourite songwriters, and an all-round gentleman of the highest order. The release is on coloured vinyl, is very limited and all that kind of thing. It’s coming out through Suburban Home / Epitaph. You can find out everything you want to know about it here. My song is an acoustic version of new song “Try This At Home”.

Next up, I contributed some vocal’s to a friend of mine’s project, Amongst The Pigeons. His album, “Music To Brush Your Teeth To”, has just been released, featuring my track and contributions by many others, including Beans On Toast. Well worth a look.

Right, I’ve just realized that I need to do another update tomorrow, specifically for people in Germany. So, watch this space for that one, especially, uh, if you live in Germany. For now though, here’s a link to me performing a new song for a podcast in Hoboken, NJ, earlier this year, courtesy of Issue Oriented / Ronen. Who knows, by time I post tomorrow maybe I’ll have been on fucking Wogan or something.

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