Mega Update Part III: Germany!

OK, so a day late, but then maybe I was just lying in a darkened room being comprehensively underwhelmed by the fact that I wasn’t on Wogan after all. Maybe I’m not that much of a dick though, haha, you decide. The MacMillan Cancer Benefit show in Shoreditch yesterday was a lot of fun, and raised a heap of cash for a good cause. Result.

I don’t speak German (though I want to try and learn, ha!), but here’s a couple of things for my friends over in that part of the world. First up, I’m hoping everyone knows about the free show I’m playing at the Ramones Museum in Berlin on September 4th. It’s kind of an album launch show, and it’ll be fun. I’m also going to be back, with my band, in December. Dates on the gigs page.

Second up, my good friend Gunner, proprietor of Gunner Records (see what he did there?) is, as of today, releasing The First Three Years on CD and Vinyl in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. You can find order info at the link above. If you live in the UK and want to get hold of the vinyl, he’ll ship here too. Huzzah!

Finally, you can all go here and vote me up in the German college radio charts, if you’re into that sort of thing, and feeling helpful. Danke schon!

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