London In Summertime

In an unprecedented break with recent tradition, the UK has decided to have something of a summer, for a few days at least. It’s actually quite weird, but in a good way. I shall be topping up my tan in the parks of London, while getting ready for uber-touring. I should probably be working out or something, HA!

Two tidbits for you today. Firstly, the good folks at continue with their frankly rabid coverage of my every move (I think they fancy me) by posting the second half of an interview I did with them in NYC, which you can read here. I must stop swearing in interviews. Or I guess just stop doing interviews when I’m drunk. One or the other. Anyways, enjoy.

Secondly, you’ll be pleased to hear that we’ve posted another song off the new album on my myspace. “Try This At Home” can be found in all it’s recorded glory right here.

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