Two Weeks And Counting

Happy Monday morning everyone! To celebrate having survived another weekend (which involved both a whole heap of fun at Beautiful Days and a full game of tennis – tennis! – on Saturday), here’s a blog post with some treats.

As the title suggests, it’s a mere 2 weeks until Poetry Of The Deed is upon us. This is, of course, excellent news. One thing you can do now, if you so wish, is to pre-order the album. There’s a bunch of places you can do this (Amazon, HMV, Epitaph and so on). For those in the UK, my personal recommendation would be the good people at Banquet Records. Not only is the pre-order on for cheap, they’ve even renamed their website for me to promote it..! So head to and show them some love.

Secondly, I spent some time cutting together a “making of” video for The Road. The process of making the video was pretty gruelling, but going through the footage to make this was infintely more so. Basically, watching it all back sober was upsetting, ha. Check it out.


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