Spreading The Love

I’m back in Berlin again, on another press junket, but at least this time I’m playing a show. I’m a little keyed up – the album is finally out on Monday, worldwide. The wait is almost over. I actually can’t wait.

There’s plent of good news for me right now – The Road is out there and is actually doing alarmingly well, so if you haven’t got it yet, or can spread the word any further, please do, who knows, we might break the charts. Shows (Winchester, Manchester, Leeds) are sold out for October, and London only had 100 tickets left yesterday. So all is well. But this blog post is actually aimed at talking about two other things.

First of all, I recently contributed a song to a compilation album. American singer Mark Mulcahy was not someone I was massively familiar with, but Nigel, my drummer, knows him well. Mark’s wife passed away suddenly last year, and he’s been left with two kids to bring up. So the album is a benefit to raise money to help him out. I recorded a cover of a song called The Quiet One, and in the process discovered an amazing artist. The album also features covers by a (frankly incredible) list of artists – Thom Yorke, Michael Stipe, Dinosaur Jr, Frank Black, Josh Rouse and many others. The album is out September 14th on Mezzotint Records, and is seriously worth checking out.

Secondly, an old cohort of min, Cosmo, is releasing a single on September 13th. The video is below. It’s insane but clearly genius. Check his website for more info.


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