Hello America!

I’m sat in a plush lounge at the Epitaph office in Los Angeles, fielding phone interviews. Jet lag feels a bit weird, but I’m getting there, and since arriving yesterday afternoon life has been pretty sweet – great weather, a swim in Brett’s pool, supper in a diner, what more could you want? Also, in an insane, unexpected and amazing turn of events, the album’s midweek position in the UK was #13..! Happy days. People seem to be digging the new songs, and that makes me feel good. Actually it’s a weight off my mind, truth be told.

But it’s not just the UK, oh no. The album is out now today in the USA through the good Epitaph people (as announced on CNN earlier..!). They have a bunch of deals on their website right now for you to check out – for $19.99 you get both Albums & Ltd edition shirt, for $14.99 both albums together, and for $8.99 new album by itself. So check it out.

Finally, my friend Jack Lilley made a cool video from the 78723 times he’s been filming me lately, which you can watch here. Tomorrow I’m off to Colorado for some family time, and then the Gaslight tour begins. I simply cannot wait.

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