Airport Thoughts

I sit in a reasonably plush hotel room at Detroit Metro airport. Last night was the end of the Gaslight Anthem tour for me, and seeing as I have an arse of a journey ahead of me, followed pretty much immediately by rehearsals and another tour, I thought I’d splash out on a nice room. I’m well rested after last night’s shennanigans and ready to head home. I’m really excited about coming back to England – not just for the sight of small fields under grey skies from the window of the plane as we come into land, but also because this next tour is a massive deal for me. These are the biggest headline shows I’ve ever played, and I’m eager to get stuck into them. Roll on the tour.

Farewell America. This has been easily the best US tour that I’ve done so far – in terms of the shows, the company, everything. I’ve made a whole bunch of new friends along the way, and been blown away by meeting people who know the words to my songs in far flung corners of the continent. Who knew that at my first ever Vancouver show there’d be a home-made banner welcoming me onstage? I remember seeing Boy Sets Fire back in 1998 (Kneejerk’s first gig as well, incidentally). Nathan made a comment about how mad it was to have people sing back songs written in a Delaware basement in London. I kinda feel like I know what he was talking about now. I also had a blast hanging out with The Loved Ones and Murder By Death, two excellent bands made up of excellent people.

A final word. Sometimes I think people aren’t expressive enough of their gratitude in life. Well, here’s mine. Since hooking up with The Gaslight Anthem crew at the start of the year, they’ve taken me with them on two tours covering 9 countries and playing to many thousands of people. It’s done my fortunes an immeasurable amount of good. I’ve watched them from the merch stand night after night and can honestly say I’ve never been close to being bored – they’re excellent. I’m also pleased to count them as friends. So, to Brian, Alex, Alex and Benny, as well as their crew (particularly Hollie), I’ll raise a toast. Thanks guys.

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