Feet On Firm Ground

This morning finds me in Glasgow, at the QMU, for day 3 of the UK / Ireland tour (and the first mainland show). Dublin was intimate but awesome, Belfast was raucous and sold out. It feels great to be playing with my band again, and the size and reaction of the crowds has been humbling so far. Much of the rest of the tour is sold out. I’m doing my level best to keep my eyes open all the time and take it all in, savour it, enjoy it. We hve a tour bus for the tour as well (hilariously, we booked the cheapest shittiest one they had, and then because of Spandau Ballet fucking around their bus bookings we ended up with the plushest of the lot! Ha!). It takes an awful lot of the edges off touring. I’ve been on buses many times before, but this is the first time where it’s for me, rather than me cotching on someone else’s ride. I feel manly.

Last night, old friend Zane Lowe played 2 of 3 tracks from a session we did for him back in August. The third track is being played tonight. If you missed it, you can listen again on the BBC Radio One website. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. Also, the good folks at Hurley.com had me do an acoustic session for them in Orange County last month, and they’ve been posting the tracks on their website. Check it out.

Right, I now have a million interviews to do. Onwards!

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