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Molotow Club in Germany is a cool basement-type place on the Reeperbahn. We’re soundchecking as I write. This place is cool, but with ll 300 tickets sold for tonight, looking around, I;m finding it hard to see exactly where all the people are going to go. It’s going to be tight. Chuck Ragan warned me that this was one of the hottest shows going, and I think I can see why. Hm, a night for sweating some then.

My Helsinki-Manchester-Copenhagen adventure went off OK, although I managed to gather a massive total of 4 hours’ sleep over two nights, which wasn’t much fun. Nevertheless the shows themselves were all top notch. Now we’re back in Germany again, which brings me to today’s business. Lots of stuff to get through.

First up, Germany. This has been my first headline tour here, and I’m frankly gobsmacked to report that the whole thing has been sold out. The shows have all been amazing, and I and everyone in the band are now fully engaged in a love affair with Germany. So the good news is that I have 5 more German shows announced for next year:

  • 29th March @ Universum, Stuttgart, Germany
  • 30th March @ Raucherkammer, Wiesbaden, Germany
  • 31st March @ Zakk, Dusseldorf, Germany
  • 1st April @ Uebel & Gafahrlich, Hamburg, Germany
  • 3rd April @ Lagerhaus, Bremen, Germany

The tickets will be onsale on Monday, and I’ll post links then. We also have a bunch more European shows coming together around that run, but more on them later.

Speaking of tours, the UK run in March is selling insanely well right now. The Norwich show on March 22nd at the Waterfront has now sold out… So we’ve moved the show up to the UEA instead. All tickets still valid, obviously, but there’s a whole bunch more now onsale. The other shows are getting busy too, with London about two-thirds sold already, which is, actually, barmy. Get involved.

Next up, this week’s NME Magazine features an article – a conversation between me and Peter Robinson. It came out pretty good, I think, and it’s my first non-review coverage in that magazine, so it’d be good to show some support and pick up a copy. The voting for next year’s NME Awards has also opened now, and you can go and vote here. Obviously the choice is yours, but a nod for yours truly would be great.

Finally (for today), we’ve added a bunch more stock to my online shop for the UK – we have most designs in most sizes now, and it’s well worth a look in the run up to Christmas…! Haha, can’t believe I actually just wrote that. Anyways, have a look.

I actually have a bunch of other stuff to announce for the USA and Canada, but that, my friends, is going to wait for another day (probably Monday). Peace, love and George Carlin to you all.

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