Extra Shows

I’m at home in Winchester right now, but I’m surrounded by the weird aftermath of packing – everything was chaos an hour ago or so, but now it’s all been condensed into two bags and a guitar. I’m leaving here for 4 months today, and I’m pretty sure I have everything. I mean, I have some practice at this now, right? Anyways. I’m sure I’ll forget something crucial, but such is life.

I’ve got some big news coming for Monday, but for today, here’s a heads up about a few extra shows I’ve been adding to tours here and there.

  • 24th February @ Asbury Lanes, Asbury, NJ, USA. This is a full band headline show, with The Architects and Dave Hause (from the Loved Ones). Should be awesome. Tickets here.
  • 7th March @ Mac’s Bar, Lansing, MI, USA. Another full band headliner. Tickets here.
  • 8th April @ La Peniche Du Pianiste, Lille, France. Headline full band show, an addition to the European tour. Ticket link coming soon.

Speaking of the European Tour, I’m pleased to say that the good folks in Crazy Arm will be coming with us, which is good news for you, Europe.

Right, to the airport.

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