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The wonders of modern technology, eh? I’m sat in a (very uncomfortable, actually) seat on train snaking its way along the shores of Lake Ontario in the snow, which is pretty cool. The lake is almost unimaginably huge. I’m on my way to Montreal for one night, and thence to Los Angeles for fun, games and decadence (I’d imagine). Toronto was a blast, four very cool shows in total, lots of new friends made, too much Jagermeister drunk. To paraphrase Radiohead, I do it to myself, I do, and it really hurts when I do too much. Ah well.

I’m also going to take this moment for a quick shout-out to my friend Michael, with whom I’ve been staying. Michael is a friend of a tenuous friend, but he’s consistently put me up and looked after me in Toronto and is an all round diamond geezer. So, thanks and kudos to him. But more to the point, the man is representative right now of all the people who put me up around the world. They are many, they are good people, and they know who they are, but they enable me to do what I do with my sanity in tact. They puncture my fashionable haze of misanthropy with their warmth and generosity. So, thanks guys.

To business! First of all, my very good friends Look Mexico have a new album coming, and it features yours truly guesting on a song, which was an honour – they fucking rule. It’s also out as a 7 inch, and you can find out more / preorder the thing right here. Comes highly recommended.

Finally, DVD news! It’s been a few years since we did the first DVD, and it feels like the time is ripe for another. So, we’ve been collecting material in the last few months, and I’m pleased to say that Take To The Road will be released in March. Full details of the release can be found in next month’s Rock Sound magazine. Just to whet your appetites a little more, here’s a taster…

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