Selling Out For Fun And Profit

Ah California. Some deep-rooted post-colonial grudge makes me loathe to admit it, but this really is an idyllic part of the world. To have breakfast on the edge of the beach in the sunshine in February (in the northern hemisphere to boot) is a luxury. So it’s nice to spend a few days here, not least considering I was in Dalston the other day, in the post-snow sludge. Contrasts, contrasts.

I’ve been running around doing press, sorting out tour logistics, shooting a new video (for Isabel, since you ask, which will be the next single, in March), that kind of thing. The video shoot ended up with me ankle-deep in the sea in pitch darkness singing into a flashlight. Which was interesting. The show last night at Hotel Cafe was a blast as well. Tonight is Riverside. Looking forward to it.

News on the DVD. The good folks at Xtra Mile Recordings are currently running a pre-order offer on it that will get the DVD to your door 2 weeks before the official release date. More information can be found here. There are also a very limited number of the print posters from Union Chapel for sale as well. Check it out.

Lastly, for today, the news that the London Roundhouse show (March 24th) has now officially sold out. Most of the rest of the UK tour looks set to follow suite in the next few weeks. I’m kind of running out of hyperbole when it comes to playing bigger shows than I ever expected to play, but at the same time I don’t want to come across as complacent about the madness of it all. So let’s just say “gosh”. See you there.

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