Blog Fever

The psychosis of being ill is starting to do my head in, to the extent that I’m blogging again today, ye gods. Actually, I’m not really feverish any more, it just feels like I have a fucking Nazi in my throat. No fun, when you’re on tour. To compensate, tonight is the big night: “Hello Cleveland!” It’s a big moment in any young boy’s life.

News about singles! The video for “Isabel” is done and dusted, and will be premiering on Monday over at Paste Magazine. I’ll post the direct link when I have it. The song has also been chosen to be XFM‘s Single Of The Week next week. This is great in and of itself, but if you guys felt minded to email or text the station and let them know how appreciative you are, that always goes down a storm. Many thanks.

More international shows! I’m pleased as punch to say that I’ll be appearing at the Calgary Folk Festival this year, which runs July 22nd-25th. More details soon. And on my way home from Australia, it only seemed fair to put in some shows in New Zealand – 4th May in Auckland, 5th May in Wellington. Another country to add to my list, I’m excited about coming over. There are also a bunch more festival dates for the summer to be announced soon, all over the world, so watch this space.

Finally, for the shoppers among you, we’ve been streamlining my online store. You can check it here: Happy shopping. Oh, and my friends Paul and Sophia just had their second kid, Dmitri, today. Congratulations guys!

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