Detroit Apology

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fucking fuck, fuck (have I broken your spam filter yet?) fuck. If there’s one thing in this universe I fucking hate, that drives me to utter fucking despair, it’s canceling shows. Alas, after a few days of feeling under the weather, last night’s show in Cleveland was a really painful strain on me and my voice. I woke up this morning not feeling much better, and it’s been decided that we’re going to pull tonight’s show at The Filmore in Detroit.

I want to apologize to everyone who had tickets to see me play, and to Flogging Molly and The Architects. I fucking suck. I think I have some kind of viral infection. Hopefully this way I can keep all the other shows in the diary on the books. I’ll do my best to book a make-up show in Detroit over the summer. Sorry.

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