Down Under

Greetings from Sydney, Australia. I still can’t quite believe I’m in this country – this is the furthest away from home I’ve ever been. I met up with the Revival crew (Chuck and his wife Jill, John Gaunt, Todd Beene, Ben Nichols, and Tim Barry) at LAX on Monday night, and we flew through the night to Brisbane, arriving on Wednesday morning, which was weird. Initial impressions are that the cliche is true – it’s kind of like a cross between Texas and Europe here. Austin and Nice, to be precise. Everyone is super friendly, the weather is blissful even at its worst (the rain on day 1 was strangely soothing). We’ve been to animal sanctuaries to feed kangaroos and hold koalas, been on boat trips in Sydney harbour, proper tourist stuff. The only drawback is the compound jetlag, combined with mad early morning flights to secure Chinese visas, means I have no idea if I’m coming or going most of the time. Small price to pay, I think.

Some show news. Firstly, we’ve added shows to this tour, in Sydney (tomorrow night, the 24th, at Hermann’s Bar) and Melbourne (May 2nd at The Arthouse). If you’re already coming to a show, I promise we’ll play different songs. If you missed a ticket, here’s your chance!

Secondly, European Festivals – I’m pleased to announce that me and the band will be appearing at Highfield Festival (August 20th) and Area 4 Festival (August 21st) in Germany, and the free Musikfestwoche Winterthur in Switzerland on August 22nd. A fun weekend on the continent, then.

Finally, I have big news coming soon about a competition and a new 7″ vinyl. Also, my good friend Simon made an album recently, and one of the tracks is a weird electro mix of a song of mine, “Hold Your Tongue”. You can download it for free from here. Enjoy.

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