New Zealand Ho!

I just checked into my hotel in Auckland, New Zealand, which means that the Revival Australia tour is over. We finished up last night in style at The Arthouse in Melbourne. It’s a classic old-school underground venue, with 19 years of history behind it, that is set to close at the end of the year. So we were all pretty stoked that we got a chance to take the stage (or re-take it, in Chuck’s case). Songs were sung, whiskey was drunk and tears were shed. It was an absolute pleasure being on the road with Chuck, Ben, Tim, Todd, Jon and Jill again, lovely bunch of people, and the Revival ethic continues to be awesome. I have to say that Chuck’s repeated assertions that Australia was the promised land of touring (something he said many times over the last few years) are, well, true. It was an absolute blast, great shows, and humbling to be so far away from home and meet people who knew the words. I’m definitely coming back as soon as I can.

Fate, cruel mistress, gave me a 3.30am lobby call this morning. Actually it was Mel, our Australian tour manager, but she was merely being super-efficient, as ever. She deserves her own round of applause, incidentally. So I slept for all of an hour and then headed, yet again, to the airport, for the short flight here. The travelling and time-zone-hopping in this part of the world is giving me new insights into sleep deprivation; I feel like a new parent, or maybe Ed Norton in Fight Club (whichever is cooler). First impressions are that New Zealand is beautiful, kind of wild. I’m going to be doing some investigating in the next few days. I also just found out that my old friend Andrew O’Neill is doing a comedy show opposite my hotel. Syncronicity, it seems.  But now, for a nap!

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